Our Vision

In 1912  Roupas family loads their first coffee lot  from Trieste to Patras. 

Today , third generation , with responsibility and knowledge in green coffee ,  meets the needs of the modern market , supporting conventional, premium and specialty coffees

In constant search for direct relations (direct trade) with most stations, mills , shippers , producers , upgrading quality control to create sampling and evaluation workshop on the company premises , with traceability monitoring the movement of goods and handling and storage conditions , preparing the ground for the new challenges of the modern market

In an open communication , we want to inform you about products that are directly available and a subsequent reception, including for market news and publication work – study –  research .


Best Regards

Iraklis A. Roupas







First Cup

For each sampling follow strict protocol (SCA/CQI) selection and evaluation

Pre Shipment

The monitoring process , loading , transport , certification of initial sampling until landing in our warehouse


Storage and handling of products , traceability , cupping sessions



Certification ISO 22000:2005


Member of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.


Member of Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association


Member of the oldest and largest and most trusted leaders in the organic certification industry.


UTZ is responsible for creating an open and transparent marketplace for agricultural products.


Member of Coffee Quality Institute


Collaborations with houses and estates in all coffee production countries  to directly serve the Greek market , covering the largest range of needs in conventional, premium and specialty.


Exclusive distribution of Daterra farm products for the Greek Market

Exportadora Guaxupe

Are committed to offer specialized coffee services and to cater to the needs , respecting the social, environmental and commercial regulations that rule the sector.

Carmo Estate

From the Sul de Minas – Mantiguiera, a specialty estate coffee in permanent cooperation

Kerchanshe Trading PLC

Today Kerchanshe Trading PLC is the biggest exporter and producer in Ethiopia, focus on high quality and traceability


Cooperation with the well known Cooperative serving coffees form Guatemala


The world largest agricultar exporter from India